The Untold Story of Blockly Games

On this evening of February 25th, I had the privilege of completing some of the challenges on Blockly Games. I decided to complete the entirety of the Turtle game and was one level away from completing the Maze game. I also completed the Puzzle game and completed a couple of units of the Bird Game.

I was a little skeptical at first if these games would be any fun but I was pleasantly surprised. I actually got really into them and when you complete a level, there is this sense of accomplishment that comes over you. It challenges your brain in a way that most aren’t use to because it makes you attempt to solve problems while creating different situations at the same time. You have to adjust in real time and if you fail, you just have to keep trying until you figure it out.

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 7.08.54 PM

I especially liked theĀ Turtle game because it was challenging and really fun at the same time. It posed a lot of the same elements of the Maze game, but with its own unique style about it. I thought it was cool how you were able to pick up in certain places and then put back down, with a different color, in a different place. Overall, I would recommend these games to anyone of any age because they are fun but education at the same time.


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