Another Reason The Pacific Northwest Is Awesome

  • What factors make the Columbia River region of the Pacific Northwest an ideal location for server farms?

For many centuries, people have grown to love the peaceful and beautiful settings of the Northwest.  Farmers have loved the fertile soil and fisherman have loved the abundant rivers. However, now there is a new reason to love the Northwest. The Pacific Northwest is quickly becoming a hotbed for tech companies to establish their server farms. The book lists the reasons: The land is cheap, the region’s hydroelectric power costs a fraction of Silicon Valley rates, the area is served by ultrafast fiber-optic connections, and the mild temperatures cut cooling costs.

Here is a great article about inside of these massive server farms.

There are so many tech companies that now have server farms in the Pacific Northwest such as Yahoo, Amazon, and even Google. These are just a few of the companies that have been attracted to the Northwest. Why shouldn’t other big tech firms look into the Northwest as well? Everyone should look into it. The Pacific Northwest is a beacon for clean energy and sustainability. There is nothing quite like driving up the Columbia Gorge and seeing the enormous wind turbines spinning. My advice for any companies looking into investing their next server farm in the Northwest region… DO IT! One of the biggest attributes of the area is how hard working people are and how much they take pride in their work.

Oregon Live posted a great article about server farms in Oregon and you can visit it here.


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